So we bought a campervan. Or as Pete says “we invested in one”. We’ve had a busy year of city living. It’s also been a year of perspective. We’ve watched friends lose loved ones to suicide and others who are battling cancer. It’s brought home the importance of living every moment and looking after your … More Perspective

The Good Life

My forefingers pinch a crumpled paper bag, the remnants of a $1 lolly mix. In the other hand are two lemonade popsicles, melting beneath my fingertips. My thumbs are left to steer. We’re rebelliously bareheaded. Barefooted too. We ride our bikes in convoy through the campground along the carefully formed road. 5km per hour read … More The Good Life

Angel of the North

The Angel stands proud. Stretching out her arms some 54m wide and over 20m tall. She’s an impressive figure on the landscape. Possibly the most extraordinary piece of art I’ve ever seen. It seems the Northeast of England has been subject to more invasions than the rest of the UK. Even today the “Jordies” speak … More Angel of the North