So we bought a campervan. Or as Pete says “we invested in one”. We’ve had a busy year of city living. It’s also been a year of perspective. We’ve watched friends lose loved ones to suicide and others who are battling cancer. It’s brought home the importance of living every moment and looking after your … More Perspective

London Calling

When the bombs fell on London it was devastating. The once mighty buildings, a product of the booming industrial revolution, were flattened. The second of the Great Wars left holes in the cityscape. Holes that have been filled with Council housing next door to billionaire’s row. Holes that are still being filled with magnificent glass … More London Calling

Cornish Delights

It was dark. They don’t do bright lights in our village. I caught someone sneaking their recycling into our neighbour’s bin. I’d been about to do the same. And so an exchange ensued. Turns out he’s the grandson of one of the matriarchs of the village. His grandmother socialised with Pete’s late Grandpa Billy. With … More Cornish Delights

The Magic of Donegal

The locals called it the Republican Riviera. This was during the troubled times of Northern Ireland’s past. I can picture the Donegal Peninsula as the perfect bolthole. Close to the border but far enough away from the everyday business of violence and politics. Gerry Adams still has a house here. And a pub. People are … More The Magic of Donegal

Postcard to Italy

Dear Italy, We loved your lakes, particularly the majestic Lake Garda, with its surrounding mountains and old towns on the water’s edge. We loved your food. We may never recreate something so simple as the incredible pizza your served to us. Perhaps your secret is in the abundance of ingredients you draw from your soils? … More Postcard to Italy