Hours in the Day

It’s a first world expression “there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do”. If only we knew what it is to carry water for miles, create bread from rough grain, and have no insight into a world of kitchen appliances and social media. But I’m going to own it … More Hours in the Day


We’ve rented our house. Found someone to make our place their home while we set off on our adventure. I’m levitating, the weight on my shoulders has gone. It’s someone we know too. A trusted friend from the past. Someone we lost touch with in the flurry of child rearing. This family of four couldn’t … More Rented

Taking Shape

We have a spreadsheet going. We’re spreadsheet kind of people. Not what you’d expect of a family planning to toss away all responsibility for a half year I know. But it’s helping our holiday take shape.