Hours in the Day

It’s a first world expression “there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do”. If only we knew what it is to carry water for miles, create bread from rough grain, and have no insight into a world of kitchen appliances and social media. But I’m going to own it anyway.

I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day right now. Most people have a list right? I read once in a fluffy self-help book that people who need to get to the bottom of their list will never be satisfied. Sod that, we’re off in 4 weeks and I need to get onto those items that sit at the murky depths. Take our house insurance for example. For everyone living in our shaky isles, we need full replacement house cover, should the next big quake hit or one of Auckland’s 48 dormant volcano’s decide to stir things up. Up until yesterday our insurance would have allowed us to rebuild about a quarter of our humble home. Our wills too – they kinda have a reference to our fathers sorting the whole mess out, should the worst occur, but we’ve been decidedly burying our heads in west coast iron sand over who would raise our children.
Preparing for schooling is a journey too. A 5-year old’s learning bounces up and down like a jolly jumper on speed so we’re testing our Sophie as late as possible. The correspondence school picks up where the primary school sets them free. We want to get it right. We’re going to buy some books, donate them to the school when we return. Even the affluent schools need more books. We also need to have faith that the correspondence school have been here before and other families have taken on similar adventures. Still, getting the girls enrolled is on top of the list.
Despite the final rush to the finish line there is time that we must waste. In lands far away on the tropical atoll of Bermuda there is a yacht race going on. It’s an elitist regatta, limited to those with significant financial means. In the mix there’s a New Zealand team making it work, despite the odds. Never have I felt more proud of what it means to be a kiwi. ETNZ I’ll donate you several of my precious hours to you this week.

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