About Me


Rochelle is a published magazine journalist and loves to play with words. She’s most recently contributed to Wild Things Magazine, and shared travel features with Stuff.

Before embracing a writing career, Rochelle spent 15 years working as a town planner. She lives in Point Chevalier, Auckland and is a mother of two daughters. A keen blogger, Rochelle enjoys sharing her musings on family life and travel.

Rochelle’s qualifications include a BA in English. Her strengths in interviewing and wrapping real world topics into concise content have been developed in the workplace and in writing for volunteer organisations. She enjoys research and interviews. Her recent focus has been on completing a memoir for a retired policeman. Her first book is due to be published in 2020. Fulfilling a childhood dream.

A passionate reader and writer. Rochelle can create content for children and adults, review reports, and tell a story on cue.


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