About Me


I was the kid that tried every sport and usually came last. I’ve never played an instrument and I’m pretty sure my singing in the shower is terrible. By the time I reached my 13th birthday my favourite pastime was absorbing myself in the pages of a great story. That 13 year old version of me informed my parents (with quite some certainty) that I was going to write a book.

At uni I loved studying English, taking classes in everything from modern literature to ancient Chaucer, eventually walking away with a BA. But I played it safe. I spent 15 years working in a far more predictable vocation as a town planner.

And then six years ago I stopped to have my two beautiful daughters and I knew it was time for a change.

I began to keep a diary of my life as a stay at home mother, which was just the start of my scribbling. I took a night class at the local high school and enrolled in a series of magazine journalism courses through the NZ Writers College, eventually leading to the publication of my first feature articles.

Sandcastles and Scribbles is my chance to share my musings. I look forward to having you follow me on my journey.


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