Staying Put

It’s a week of beginnings and ends. The beginning of our ‘new normal’ in Level 2 (it’s everyone’s new cliché) and calling to a close our home-schooling experiment. It’s confusing. I was excited to buy a real book from a bookstore this afternoon, and yet I feel like I’ve been through some kind of Orwellian … More Staying Put


I skipped away from the restaurant like a 5-year-old leaving a sweet shop with a dollar mix. Others have reported a similar sensation over their first coffee. The process was so seamless. Aromatic food in brown paper bags, positioned neatly on the table. THAT table that blocks the threshold of every retailer in the country … More Curry

Ordinary Things

I’ve been sorting batteries into piles. Those working and those defunct. Yesterday I cleaned the cupboard under the sink, realising that I have enough cleaning supplies to last months. One friend shaved her head for cancer research, another worked out how to use the pyrolytic function on an oven she’s used for years. We’re not … More Ordinary Things

Lessons from Lockdown

Twelve days in. Sixteen days to go. And I’ve been wondering if we’ll look back on this rahui as a family adventure? If so, what have we learned on the journey? We begin with gratefulness. We’re grateful that we live in a smallish country with a smallish population, far away on the bottom of the … More Lessons from Lockdown