A Strange Moment in History

This week we hit hump day. Mostly because we’d like to see an end to this crisis. And perhaps we just felt grumpy that we couldn’t follow our usual Easter camping tradition. It’s a very strange time in history and as we enter our fourth week in lock-down it’s a good time to reflect.

Home-schooling: If it weren’t for our sabbatical in 2017 we’d have been completely unprepared for schooling our girls at home. It’s still hard work. But we may never again be forced to work collaboratively with our kids on their learning, identify gaps, and working out where we can help them thrive in future. Sugar is being drip fed intravenously and the reward of cartoons is like a psychedelic drug. The Government are suggesting an opt-in for sending kids to school next week if you really need to. I wonder how many parents will rush to call time to this home-schooling lark.

The Economy: Boeing isn’t going so well right now. Apple and other tech companies are going off. Cafés and restaurants will soon be able to get Uber Eats up and running to meet the nationwide cry for an end to home cooked meals. With quarantine at the border we won’t see international tourists any time soon. Let’s hope we can channel our nomadic national psyche into a newfound love for exploring our own backyard. Watties have lots of work if you fancy a change and you can’t buy a backyard chook in Aussie right now. The demand for purpose built back yard chicken feeders is keeping a Hawkes Bay business buoyant. Construction workers are sharpening their tools and hankering to get onto building sites and everyone believes their hairdresser is an essential service.

Around the World: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has emerged from the shadow of death, paying special thanks to Jenny from Invercargill for his round the clock care. Donald Trump has cut US funding to the World Health Organisation after accusing them of mismanagement of the pandemic. But the Leader of the Free World is on a different page to his governors, particularly Andrew Cuomo of New York. No one seems to agree on how long to lock down the virus in the US-of-A. The world’s top Formula 1 drivers have transitioned into E-Sports superstars and the All Blacks will take a pay cut. We don’t really know how many cases we have in the world’s poorest countries and social distancing isn’t possible in a slum. There seems to be a lot of online yoga going on and novice bread-makers are storming Instagram with their creations.

Like our Grandmothers who cut sugar from their tea during war time rationing, we’ll be telling this story for a while. Our grandchildren will learn in school about the time we had to queue for supermarkets and lived in a bubble. This will be a strange time in history indeed.

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