A Bad Day at the Office

It was bitterly cold and dark. My husband pulled the door across with unusual force, shutting the night away. His face said it all. It had been a very bad day at the office.

It was also the start of a dream. We could run away, we said. We could take our children and explore new territory in foreign lands, spend months on end enjoying the outdoors and the world’s oceans. We could even spend a couple of months in a pebble-dash seaside cottage, 12,000 miles away in a quiet Cornish village.

And so, our dream began.

That was 18 months ago and we’ve kept talking about it, coming back to it as a touchstone. IT is a sabbatical from our business, the girls’ schooling, and from our easy life living in a family friendly neighbourhood in Auckland, New Zealand.

Mid 2017 we said. Sophie (the younger of our two playful girls) will have had a taste of school, but like her sister she’ll have a familiar environment to return to. Today it is the middle of May, 2016. Suddenly the dream feels closer.

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