Chasing the Finish Line

For weeks they’ve been asking; “Are you bursting with excitement? Counting down the days?” In reality it’s been a race to the finish line, wrapping up our existing life, and preparing for the next chapter.

My cue to relax is usually the sight of our bags casually floating away, disappearing behind the heavy curtain at the end of the carousel. But the relief was much more gradual today. It’s been the busiest few months of our lives, bigger even than planning a moderate kiwi wedding. It was only when we too were floating like bags along the travellator, destined for the departure gate, that a sense of adventure began. As we gazed out over moody midwinter blue seas, framed by the jutting headlands marking the Manukau Harbour entrance, we pondered the beauty of our country. We realised this would be no ordinary vacation. We’ll be living a six-month holiday. The offer of a midday wine on-board became the start of our nomadic rebellion. Even the aeroplane food tasted desirable.

As we passed over the vast Australian landmass of red and gold we began thinking about Singapore. We started talking about aquariums and botanical gardens, night zoos and vibrant shopping on Orchard Road. I started to think about the girls’ education. Soon we’ll swap the endless flicker of the screen in the back of the chair for a motion picture of colour and life experience, evolving before our eyes.

Haere Ra New Zealand. Hello World.

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